Private Label Dips and Spreads

Private Label Dips and Spreads

Grecian Delight goes beyond hummus in the dips/spreads category. We have capabilities to make a variety of bean-based, dairy-based and Mediterranean ingredient-based dips and spreads such as: Greek yogurt dips, eggplant dips, cream cheese-based spreads, vegetable-based dips and much more. As an SQF certified supplier, we meet retailers’ quality specifications. Our custom capabilities for dips & spreads include:

  • Topping
  • All natural
  • Vegetarian
  • Kosher

Dips & spreads are so versatile:

  • Dip your chips/crackers/veggies 
  • Use as a sandwich spread in place of unhealthy mayo
  • Mix in with salads
  • Use on pizzas
  • Top proteins

While there are many suppliers available, Grecian Delight can create exclusive signature flavor profiles. We also offer tiered private label programs to maximize the number of consumers you can reach. You can become the go-to location for the dip and spread category.

We pack dips and spreads in a variety of containers: single serve cups, clear containers, tubs and bags. We offer packaging from 2 oz to 30 lbs. We can make dips and spreads look so good it will jump off the shelf and into shopping carts. And we also pack in bulk for efficient use in sandwich programs or “behind the glass”.

We won’t stop at manufacturing your private label dips and spreads– we offer culinary assistance too. Our corporate chef can create a variety of recipe ideations for all day-parts that will entice your consumers and make them hungry for more.

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Private Label Dips and Spreads
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