Grecian Delight Foods is excited to showcase our All-Natural Chicken and Beef & Lamb Shawarma that is now available for purchase through your local distributor. What we provide is hand stacked whole muscle meat that is prepared without any preservatives that you cook on a vertical broiler. Our products meet many of the demands you hear each day at your restaurant:

“I want something healthy, but craveable. I need to be able to eat it on the go and oh, by the way, I’d like to see it as you’re preparing it so I can customize my meal.”

What is Shawarma?

Whole-muscle meat, marinated in a savory blend of spices, hand-layered into a cone shape and cooked on a spit. Shawarma is typically made with chicken, beef, pork or lamb, but can also be made with turkey or other proteins. The meat is roasted on a machine similar to gyros cones, and once cooked, is thinly sliced into bite sized pieces.

Grecian Delight Shawarma is made with no artificial ingredients and is minimally processed producing a delicious, juicy, all natural finished product. This high protein item fits nicely with many diet trends including the Mediterranean, Low Carb and the Paleo diets.

Shawarma History

Shawarma’s culinary journey began in Turkey under the name Döner Kabab (meaning “one that turns”). Today, it can be found throughout the Eastern Mediterranean as well as Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Canada, UK, West Africa and now...the United States!

Ethnic independent restaurants in the U.S. have been making their own shawarma back-of-house for some time. The team at Grecian Delight Foods saw this global trend as an opportunity to make life a little easier for U.S. restaurant operators.

How to Menu Shawarma

The most popular way to serve Shawarma is as a sandwich using flatbreads like wraps, pocket pita and naan. Flatbread pizzas are also a great way to showcase this Mediterranean delicacy. Use lavash as your base, spread on hummus, add Shawarma and herbs. Salads are another great way to enjoy the benefits of our low calorie chicken or lean beef & lamb Shawarma.

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