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So why choose Grecian Delight flatbreads? One difference between Grecian Delight and other flatbread manufacturers is that we offer a wide range of products under one roof (actually two roofs!) including traditional pita, pocket bread, panini, Flatwraps, naan, lavash, Skinny Buns, sliced focaccia-style, grill-marked and pizza shells. Additionally, we offer the ability to customize flatbread formulas, styles and sizes to meet your unique needs. Plus, we ship our products across the U.S. and internationally including more than 500 foodservice distribution centers just in the U.S. Not many flatbread manufacturers can say that.
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Grecian Delight has two bakeries located in the Chicago area with multiple flatbread production lines. The magic starts in the mixers where dry and wet ingredients are added mechanically and mixed in large batches for a short period of time. From there, the dough is transferred to a hopper that begins the dough sheeting process. After the desired thickness is reached, the dough is cut, pieces are proofed and baked in high-speed, high-capacity ovens. After a pre-determined amount of cooling, which can include inline freezing, they are mechanically stacked, bagged and inserted into the appropriate shipping container. Carriers pick up their fresh bread from Grecian Delight and distribute the product to hundreds of retail and foodservice distribution points throughout the U.S. and surrounding countries.

If you’re looking for breads to use in your restaurant, our bakery offers you a great choice. Grecian Delight flatbreads are:

  • Consistently sized so your customers will never be surprised. You’ll always get the same quality product every time you order.
  • Shipped frozen to retain freshness. You can thaw one bag at a time in just about an hour, so you’ll never have waste and the product will always taste great.

And if you’re looking for breads to use in the home kitchen, Grecian Delight flatbreads are perfect because:

  • They have been developed with the home chef in mind. Each package has an easy-to-assemble recipe on the bag.
  • The versatility offers a great range of dinner options from pizzas to sandwiches to snacks for the entire family.
  • You can freeze flatbreads and just pull out the number of pieces you need, which is great for singles and couples.

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