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Not only are Mediterranean and Greek foods delicious, they also meet many health and diet preferences popular in America today. A growing trend in the U.S., for quite some time now, Mediterranean and Greek foods were a $3.2 billion business in 2008, and they continue growing today. As a part of the ethnic foods category, Mediterranean and Greek foods consistently top annual lists of must-have menu items for restaurants and grocery store shelves.

“Forget bland food. When consumers dine away from home, they want food with unique flavors and profiles they cannot easily recreate in their kitchens. Often, these strong and distinctive flavors are based on ethnic ingredients and cooking techniques.”Prepared Foods November 2009 w3q2

If you're looking to add Greek foods to your restaurant menu or retail offerings, you've come to the right place. Grecian Delight is more than just the greatest gyro maker around - we are manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and marketers of a full spectrum of Greek foods including:

· Artisan-style Flatbreads

· Hummus, Signature Sauces & Spreads

· Gyros and Other Specialty Meats

· Grecian Delight Signature Greek Foods

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Grecian Delight excels at custom manufacturing opportunities in all categories: bakery, sauces and spreads, specialty meats and other Mediterranean favorites.

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