1. What products does Grecian Delight® sell?
Grecian Delight® Foods is a manufacturer of Mediterranean food products in the categories of Artisan Flatbreads, Signature Sauces & SpreadsSpecialty Meats and Mediterranean Specialties. To learn more about these product categories, go to our products homepage.

2. What products does Grecian Delight sell in grocery stores?
We sell a variety of flatbreads/pita breads; dips/spreads; gyros meal kits & pre-made gyros sandwiches; and prepared foods for "behind the glass" deli. We can also work with retailers to create private label offerings. Don't forget to ask us about our sandwich and pizza programs too! Click here to see which grocery stores carry Grecian Delight products.

3. Where can I purchase Grecian Delight products for my foodservice operation?
Grecian Delight products are sold nationwide through ethnic and broadline foodservice distributors. To locate a sales rep near you, please click here.

4. How do I speak to a Grecian Delight salesperson?
You can email us through our "Contact Us" page or call 1-800-621-4387 and ask to speak to a sales representative.

5. What types of pita bread do you offer?
Grecian Delight offers a multitude of breads: flatbreads, pita breads, naan-style breads, focaccia-style breads, pita pockets, pita folds, lavash, pizza shells and wraps. CLICK HERE to see all of our flatbreads.

6. Are your products Kosher?
Many of Grecian Delight's desserts and dips & spreads  are Kosher Certified. Please CLICK HERE to inquire on which items. 

7. Do you have any Certified Organic products?
Our bakery is CCOF certified to run certified organic breads. To learn more about this certification visit http://www.ccof.org/certification.php. We currently private label organic pita breads for customers. Contact Us to find out more about our organic capabilities.

8. Do you have any Vegetarian products?
We are proud to offer a number of non-meat products. Contact Us to inquire.

9. Do you have any Halal products?
We currently offer a limited number of Halal private label items. Contact Us to find out more about our Halal capabilities.

10. What is the shelf life of your products?
Shelf life varies by product and the temperature range in which it is stored. Please check individual product specifications for the correct information.

11. What is the shelf life of your frozen hummus once the product has been thawed and opened?
The shelf life of our hummus once thawed and opened is 14 days.

12. How can I get nutritional information of Grecian Delight products?
Check our website in the “Products” page. You can get nutritional information by specific product number and product type.

13. What is a gyros?
A Greek sandwich (pronounced “yee-ro” or “jahy-roh”) that consists of warmed pita bread topped with onions, sliced gyros meat, tzatziki sauce (cucumber sauce) and tomatoes.

14. What meat is used in a gyros?
Gyro meat consists of a blend of beef and lamb with Mediterranean spices. Grecian Delight Foods also manufactures an all beef gyros as well as chicken gyros.

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